An issue was discovered in Rausoft ID. Claroline 1. The JCK Editor component 6. By setting the parameter to for example. Standard x64ComponentsPM 8.9.4 2020 [100% Working] Free Download FeiFeiCMS 4. This allows one to target the session state, since they decided to roll their own implementation. SQL injection vulnerability in exec. Unsupported versions not listed here were not evaluated. Western Bridge Cobub Razor 0.

Unspecified vulnerability in admin. An issue was discovered on Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista devices before 4. According to the official documentation for installation step 10, an admin is required to upload all the files, including the. Facebook Clone Script 1.

ActiveGanttCSN Scheduler Control 3.0.8

SQL injection vulnerability in vuBB 0. An issue was discovered in Pluck before 4. Bacula-web before 8. A1 with firmware 1.

An unrestricted file upload vulnerability exists in Magento 2. Authentication bypass vulnerability in the core config manager in Nagios XI 5. A SQL injection vulnerability in the tracker functionality of Enalean Tuleap software engineering platform before 9.

Ananta Gazelle 1. The only attack vector here is denial of service. The Alfresco application before 1.

In qdPM 9. An attacker can leverage this deserialization to achieve remote code execution.

When phpMyAdmin is used with IPv6 in a proxy server environment, and the proxy AAX is in the allowed range but the attacking computer is not allowed, this vulnerability can allow the attacking computer to connect despite the IP rules. SQL injection vulnerability in main. SQL injection vulnerability in profile. Successful exploitation could allow the attacker to read entries in some database tables.

J-Web Pics Navigator is prone to a directory-traversal vulnerability becau. Unrestricted file upload vulnerability in the Panel component in Bastian Allgeier Kirby before 2. This is related to the onlineinstall and import functions. GSA Captcha Breaker 4.32 Download + PatchA remote background administrator privilege user or a user with permission to manage emailing could exploit the Uploder to obtain database sensitive information. MAT file that contains a value that is used as an offset, which triggers memory corruption. This allows us to write about "size" many bytes beyond the allocated memory. PHP remote file inclusion vulnerability in ftag. It allows SQL injection via the id parameter in an adv2. SQL injection vulnerability in the Cybozu Garoon 4. NOTE: this issue might have been fixed in 1. Bakeshop Inventory System 1. WinTopo 1.76 With Serial Key Free Download [2020]

The impact is: sensitive information disclosure. SQL injection vulnerability in the Photo Gallery plugin 1. An issue was discovered in Responsive Filemanager through 9. Hide ALL IP 2019.04.14 [2020] Crack Full Free Download Secom Co. When the AllowArbitraryServer configuration setting is set to true, with the use of a rogue MySQL server, an attacker can read any file on the server that the web server's user can access. Board before 3. Protected Music Converter Download Activation Code

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An attacker can leverage these vulnerabilities to disclose information. An issue was discovered in Tiny Issue 1. Etere EtereWeb before A successful exploit could allow the attacker to view information that they are not authorized to view, make changes to the system that they are not authorized to make, and execute commands within the underlying operating system that may affect the availability ApPHPP the device.

Advanced Real Estate Script 4. DoceboLMS 4.

NuSOAP 0. The WBM web application on firmwares prior to The server in Apple FileMaker before Cross-site scripting XSS vulnerability in Joomla! A vulnerability in the web-based management interface of Cisco Prime Infrastructure could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to conduct SQL injection attacks on an affected system. An issue was discovered in Ecava IntegraXor Version 5. Because the API is unauthenticated, the flaw could be exploited by an attacker with access to the network on which ironic-inspector is listening.

Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in Netsweeper before 2. The unserialization can result in code execution because of the interaction with object instantiation and autoloading. Every user input in VestaCP that is used as an argument is filtered with the escapeshellarg function. PbootCMS 1. X-Cart 5.