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Tell us how we can improve this post? How useful was this post? Previous Post. User name:. Go to RoboForm Web Site with a simple click, enter your password Donload username and click the Submit button for you. The storage of logins and passwords must be taken seriously, they can in no case be stored openly on a personal computer, in order to protect them, you need a password manager. See all videos.

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If RobboForm, you can print all stored passwords in this program on a piece of paper. The software stores information in separate folders, registries on a PC. Main sections Community Partners Free software and game downloads. Thanks to this manager, you can forget about the constant input of information on sites.

In addition to this software, your internet connection will be safe and secure to get your password, anywhere in the world. Thirdly, SafeNotes section: this is very useful when some comments to various pass-cards. Excellent Very good [20220] Sufficient Insufficient.

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